Castelli Romani: June and July events.

castelli romani events

Summer of Events in Castelli Romani.


B.I.ARTE.N.  Biennial of Castelli Romani Until June 30th 2019 – Nemi.

Organized by the Pro Loco Nemi, it is in progress till the 30th of June, the well-known B.I.ARTE.N. (International Biennial of Castelli Romani), which arrives this year to in its third edition.
An ideal and physical place, the castle and the village of Nemi, where artists, enthusiasts, organizers meet for a multidisciplinary event that every year calls to town hundreds of spectators from all over the world, and that moves from art, to music, to theater.
An event dedicated to creativity at 360 degrees.

5th “Cellittata”  of Lariano from 04 to 07 July: handmade pasta fair.

A 4-day event, ranging from dance, card tournaments, performances by popular groups, to historic motorcycle parades.
All that moves around the traditional and famous handmade pasta of Lariano, plus a myriad of food stands where you can taste local products (and drink a glass of wine), between one event and another.

Lidia Togni Circus in Velletri from 21 to 30 June.

The famous Togni family circus strops in Velletri, and presents this year, among the many attractions, the group of felines trained by the great Vinicio Togni, award-winning in various circus events, for the liveliness of the exhibition, and the alchemy between the great trainer , and the faithful animals.
We remember among the many: the clowns, the Equestrian Giostra, balancing on cable, contortionism, exhibitions on motorcycles and much more.

Feast of Pappardelle with Boar – 10th edition Lariano from 28 to 30 June.

A classic summer event, with one of the most typical dishes of popular italian cuisine, the pappardelle with wild boar. Morever: music, wine, beer, group dances and children’s area.

Festival of “Tozzetti” and “Cellette”( cookies and pasta) of Rocca Priora from 28 to 30 June.

Music, group dances, food stands: everything revolves around the famous cookies, and the classic pasta made with water and flour made in Rocca Priora.
An event that will satisfy every foodies and lovers of traditional cuisine.