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The Old Frascati Wine Tour.

The Old Frascati Wine Tour is the food and wine tour that brings you the spirit and the traditional tastes of Frascati.
Thanks to the inventiveness and synergy of winemakers, skilled craftsmen, and tourism professionals, The Old Frascati Wine Tour brings both Italians, and tourists from all over the world, on a brief and tasteful journey, into the reality of the everyday life of Frascati, and helps them discover the tastes and the crafts of its local tradition.
Wine has always been a symbol of the cuisine and culture in Italy. The harmonious geography, the strategic position, and the fertility of the volcanic soil of the Roman Castles are all ideal for the production of the Frascati DOCG Superiore, exclusively white, and available in different varieties, renown all over the world, since the time of Ancient Rome.
Thanks to the cooperation of old grape-growing and wine-making families and traditional local businesses of Frascati, the Old Frascati Wine Tour proposes a series of packages created to satisfy the different needs of tourists, and offer them different alternatives, all of which are equally stimulating:
"Our Classic Half-Day Wine Tour";
"Pizza Making and Wine Tasting Tour";
"Evening Tour of the Frascati Wine Taverns";
"Retreats, Weddings, Big Tour Groups & More";
"Full Day and Night in Frascati": these tours aim to give you an unforgettable experience in Frascati and its surroundings, taking advantage of the cooperation with Hotel Colonna that, for the clients of The Old Frascati Wine Tour, will reserve its best rooms with an extra discount of 10%.


In the historic center of Frascati (in Piazza del Gesù - piazza next to the Hotel Colonna, in Piazza San Pietro, and in Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi), on the first Sunday of every month, the Antique Market takes place: a unique occasion for all lovers of old things, curiosities, books, stamps from all over the world, original long play records, etc.


On Christmas holidays (during all December, and on the first days of January), Frascati awaits you, with its traditional “Christkindlmarkt", with the classical wooden houses, the handmade sweets, the ancient savors, and its unique scent.


The origin of Frascati Carnival dates back to the first years of the twentieth century, with the Carnevale Tuscolano. Already operative since 1903, Frascati Carnival, with its parades of floats and masked processions, had been suspended for some time, to be restored, in 2015, after 6 years of inactivity, with its centuries-old tradition.

FRASCATI NOTTE (Frascati's Nights - Summer event)

In summer, from the end of June until the beginning of September, near Villa Torlonia, the event takes place: a very rich market, open every day from 18:00 to 02:00, with many curiosities, and the best of the local art and crafts.


On the Christmas period, in Monteporzio Catone, splendid little town near Frascati, many artistic presepi (nativity scenes) are exhibited, from all over the world. In the Cathedral, every year artists and craftsmen give life to a brand new presepi, on different themes. One of these was given to Pope Francis, and now is located in his residence of Casa Santa Marta. The presepi are exhibited from the 8th of December to the 6th of January.




Gifted with an extraordinary naturalistic scenery, Monteporzio Catone, splendid little town near Frascati, is also known for the important Exhibition of Orchids that takes place every year in April.


Of great historical and artistic interest, the 415th edition of the Grottaferrata Fair will take place on 2015. The Fair takes place every year in March. To stay in Grottaferrata, staying in a hotel in Frascati, represents the ideal solution for who wants to attend the fair, taking advantage of the food and wine heritage, of this beautiful little town near Rome.


Do you want to get rid of something you don't need anymore? Do you need to make room in your garage? Is your attic full of things that could be useful to others? Do you want to try to exchange your TV for a vacuum cleaner? Or would you like to exchange your PC for some money? Now you can be "Trader for one day". On the last Sunday of every month, you will be able to join the event reserved to all private citizens that want to exchange or sell their goods, in the San Nilo parking area (market area). Books, toys, a bike, dresses and shoes, kitchen accessories, a carpet, a lamp, some furniture, a monitor, a cell phone… you can find everything. A practical and economical event, it allows you to access the market area, and offer your merchandize, not necessarily using a gazebo or professional exhibition facilities, but just your car trunk as real shopping windows.
Ass. A.R.Ca. tel. 0694018008 - fax 0694017506 - mob. 3487261382 (Facebook) Grottaferrata Arte.


On the third Sunday of every month, in Grottaferrata, in the historical center and in Corso del Popolo, the inevitable appointment with the Antique Market awaits you: the possibility to find collector's items, antiques, modern art, and old curiosities.



Ce steva 'na vota (“Once upon a time") IN GROTTAFERRATA (3,00 km)

Grottaferrata dresses up with the old fair “Na vota c'era" (literally, “There was once upon a time"). It takes place around Saint Nilus' Abbey, on the occasion of the celebrations in honor of the Grottaferrata Madonna, and it recreates the 1800 environment, thanks to the costumes, the facilities and the events that evoke the past. The photographic exhibitions, the reproductions of the ancient deeds, the tasting of the typical products, the music and the animation of the folk music bands await the visitors, attracting them in the ancient atmosphere of Grottaferrata. The event takes place in September, every year.


Marino Grape Feast, “'a Sagra" (“the Feast" par excellance, as the inhabitants like to say) is a well-known traditional festival, that takes place on the first Sunday of every October. The feast was inaugurated in 1925 by the poet Leone Ciprelli, and since then it regularly takes place every year. Curiosity: during the feast, wine springs from every fountain, and this wine is served to all the visitors.



With the exceptional opening of the Barberini Garden, Pope Francis, after 500 years, opens the Papal villa to the general public. Accompanied in a multilingual guided tour, the visitors have a privileged access to the botanic architectural wonders of the papal residence, known now as “Second Vatican".


On Corpus Domini, in Genzano, the Infiorata takes place, famous throughout the world. During this important religious exhibition, a floral carpet is realized along the course of the procession, usually composed by 13 frames. The subjects represented, of great realism, and selected by a special commission, are usually religious or civil subjects, reproductions of well-known masterpieces, or simple geometric motives.


It's a separate section of the Museum of Albano, born because of the existence, in the same place, of the Legio Albana, guard of the emperors Septimius Severus and Maxentius (202 A.D. - 312 A.D.), the only one to have a permanent camp in Italy, on which ruins Albano Laziale was born.
Inside you will find a very refined reproduction of wepons, tools and clothings of the roman soldiers, with a complete description of the camp and of its activities.
Even today the Legio Secunda Parthica Severiana still exists, a group involved in historical re-enactments and experimental archaeology, that cooperates with museums, schools, institutions, and spreads the knowledge of its history, and participates in historical events. This legion trains every Saturday afternoon in the Amphitheatre in Albano.
For info about museum access and historic reenactments of the Legio Secunda Parthica Severiana, contact the Hotel ( Tel.: 06.94018088 – E-mail: ) and ask for Giulio (marketing manager).

Legio XXX Ulpia Traiana Victrix

If you want to live again the atmosphere of the Rome of the Empire, and the taste of the life in the camp, and experience the clanking of the armours hitting each other, Legio XXX is the experience that you want to try.
Legio XXX Ulpia Traiana Victrix is an ONLUS association, that works in the field of "historical reconstructions and experimental archaeology": based on a deep scientific research, the life of the roman "castra", their habits, their equipment are very accurately reproduced. Great care is given to the reproduction of the roman army, and of its military manoeuvres: the army becomes today a precious instrument to know the habits and the technological and scientific level of this civilization. It is also through a series of events and meetings that Legio XXX attempts to spread the knowledge of the most important aspects of the Roman Empire, in the period of its maximum splendour (2nd century). Furthermore, it is with enormous dedication that the members of this association reproduce, by hands, tools, machines, and barracks with means similar to those used in Ancient Times, with the idea of being faithful to the ideals of a scientific research as accurate as possible.
The events, for those who want to participate, keep a recreational attitude, and are very interesting to attend.
The camp of the Legio is in Via Model di Castel Gandolfo, 2 (km 23,300 s.s. Appia) - Castel Gandolfo (RM), at a few kilometres from our Hotel, and can be reached from it very easily and rapidly; here the Legio practices and builds their tools.
For reservation or info visit the web-site, or directly contact the hotel.
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