Exhibition of Presepi (nativity scenes) and Dioramas 2019 of Monte Porzio Catone


Here it comes again Mostra dei Presepi e dei Diorami (Presepi and Dioramas exhibit) of Monte Porzio Catone, the international exhibition, which this year has reached its 22nd edition.
Organized by Gruppo Amici del Presepe and Confraternita del Santissimo Sacramento, with the sponsorship of the municipality of Monte Porzio Catone, and Associazione Italiana Amici del Presepe, the exhibition calls in town every year thousands of visitors and works from all regions of Italy.
Mostra dei Presepi e dei Diorami walks along the streets of the historic center of the town, in a magical and suggestive atmosphere created by the event of an entire town decorated to celebrate the event.
Every year, masters of Presepi, prefessional and “amateurs” present their works, according to different thematic.
This year in particular the representation of the various scenes is divided as follows:

  • exhibition of Nativity scenes and Dioramas at the Ephebeum;
  • Multiscenic Nativity in Cappella del SS.mo Sacramento;
  • Scenic Nativity Scene at Museo della Città;
  • finally, only for the night of December 24th, the Scenographic Artistic Nativity.

The exhibition, currently underway, will last until 06 January.
For information :

Monte Porzio Catone

Monte Porzio Catone is an Italian town located in Castelli Romani, and Alban Hills, with about 9,000 inhabitants, squeezed between Frascati, from the west side, and Monte Compatri from the east side, with its historic center that looks upon the hilly area from above.
Known, like all the surrounding area, for its good traditional “romana” cuisine, but above all for the excellent wine (which reaches the top of the hill with the production of Frascati Superiore DOCG), it has among its peculiarities its Museo Diffuso del Vino (Widespread Wine Museum), whose purpose is to illustrate and tell the various processes related to the production of wine and vine cultivation, grape harvesting, winemaking, and bottling, over the centuries, according to the country tradition.

Magic Christmas 2019 – Frascati lights up for the celebration!

natale-frascati-2019Frascati prepares for Christmas 2019 in “grand style” with a huge series of initiatives, decorations, festoons, but above all, with so many lights, in order to celebrate Christmas; the traditional, inevitable Frascati Christmas Market is also back with new surprises on the table.

Nothing left to chance this year in Frascati, for Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. Under the strong push of the exhibitors of the “Pearl of the Roman Castles“, and born as a reaction to the usual slow reflexive administration with weak “metabolism”, it started a project based on tradition and small local distribution: many commercial activities, having done their best, even economically, for lights and decorations, worthy of the City of Wine, participatetak part to  an initiative that offer discounts, in exchange for a small, nice action: show your selfie with the mega bear in Piazza San Pietro.

That’s right, the plush that dominates the square, and draws the attention of many children, is the image that was chosen by the exhibitors, as a symbol of the project;
every shops that has the poster with the Christmas bear stock on the wall, offers discounts to customers who took their souvenir photo at the foot of the imposing teddy bear.

A nice initiative, which pay attention to children, and which seeks to revive city trade, and tradition; because let’s face it: local businesses, means traditional local products and therefore, higher quality and care.

Frascati Christmas Market is also back, ith a more modern and elegant appearance (modern stands instead of the classic wooden houses); and, we will tell you that everything benefits from that. Maybe due to the quality of the typical products,or due to the splendid tree-lined avenue of Vittorio Veneto,or maybe due to craftsmanship, but the Frascatan version of the Christkindlesmarkt always has its unique and magical charm.


Open Day Castelli Romani e Monti Prenestini 2019

Open Day Castelli Romani and Monti Prenestini 20th October 2019

On October 20, Castelli Romani will be lighted up by the event that sees the main organizations and associations of the of the Roman countryside operate togheter, for a day that includes more than 150 events and dozens of munipalicities. We are talking about Open Day Castelli Romani e Monti Prenestini 2019 (Castelli Romani Open Day and Monti Prenestini 2019).

Consorzio Sistema Bibliotecario Castelli Romani, Comunità Montana Castelli Romani e Prenestini, Parco dei Castelli Romani, GAL Castelli Romani e Monti Prenestini, Sistema Bibliotecario Prenestino, Museumgrandtour – Sistema Museale Territoriale Castelli Romani e Prenestini are just some of the organizations that cohopearate to organize this great collective kermesse, which aim is the spread of everything Colli Albani and Monti Prenestini have to offer in terms of natural, cultural and historical heritage.

And yet, numerous are the civil and religious schools and institutes that have actively engaged in the initiative.

For more information about Open Day Castelli Romani e Monti Prenestini 2019, you can call the 0039 0693956063 that will provide information from 09:00 to 17:30 on Sunday 20th or alternatively you can download the pdf including all the activities that you can find attached to the bottom of the page.

The city of Frascati, is one of the municipalities involved in the open day, and one of the locations that operated the most in order to give the right notoriety to this beautiful area, known for its genuine food and quality wine, a welcoming territory, rich in traditions and flavors.

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Castelli Romani: June and July events.

castelli romani events

Summer of Events in Castelli Romani.


B.I.ARTE.N.  Biennial of Castelli Romani Until June 30th 2019 – Nemi.

Organized by the Pro Loco Nemi, it is in progress till the 30th of June, the well-known B.I.ARTE.N. (International Biennial of Castelli Romani), which arrives this year to in its third edition.
An ideal and physical place, the castle and the village of Nemi, where artists, enthusiasts, organizers meet for a multidisciplinary event that every year calls to town hundreds of spectators from all over the world, and that moves from art, to music, to theater.
An event dedicated to creativity at 360 degrees.

5th “Cellittata”  of Lariano from 04 to 07 July: handmade pasta fair.

A 4-day event, ranging from dance, card tournaments, performances by popular groups, to historic motorcycle parades.
All that moves around the traditional and famous handmade pasta of Lariano, plus a myriad of food stands where you can taste local products (and drink a glass of wine), between one event and another.

Lidia Togni Circus in Velletri from 21 to 30 June.

The famous Togni family circus strops in Velletri, and presents this year, among the many attractions, the group of felines trained by the great Vinicio Togni, award-winning in various circus events, for the liveliness of the exhibition, and the alchemy between the great trainer , and the faithful animals.
We remember among the many: the clowns, the Equestrian Giostra, balancing on cable, contortionism, exhibitions on motorcycles and much more.

Feast of Pappardelle with Boar – 10th edition Lariano from 28 to 30 June.

A classic summer event, with one of the most typical dishes of popular italian cuisine, the pappardelle with wild boar. Morever: music, wine, beer, group dances and children’s area.

Festival of “Tozzetti” and “Cellette”( cookies and pasta) of Rocca Priora from 28 to 30 June.

Music, group dances, food stands: everything revolves around the famous cookies, and the classic pasta made with water and flour made in Rocca Priora.
An event that will satisfy every foodies and lovers of traditional cuisine.

June 2019: all the events of Castelli Romani.

Castelli Romani events: music, live shows, fairs.

BovillEstate 2019

Here comes again BovillEstate, the event organized by PROLOCO Boville, for a summer of shows, music, sports, food stands and amusement park for the your children.
With the participation of the Municipality of Marino, BovillEstate will be held at the Parco della Pace Cava dei Selci in Marino, from 7 June to 26 June.

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Sapori del Mondo Street Food (Flavors of the World Street Food)

From 7 to 11 June, 5 days dedicated to street food and craft beer, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 4th centenary of the patron Saint Barnabas the Apostle.
The event will be held in Piazzale degli Eroi. Guaranteed music and fun.
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Malti da legare(crazy for malt) third edition.

Back in town (Genzano di Roma), at Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, from June 27 to 30, Malti da Legare, the event that offers the aromas and flavors of craft beers, immersed in the splendid scenery of the streets and architecture of Genzano di Roma. Not just beer, but lots of music, quality street food for three days not to be missed.
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